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Fancy Frugal Life: BlogHer 2011 (My Experience)

Monday, August 8, 2011

BlogHer 2011 (My Experience)

Well my two suitcases full of swag and I are back from BlogHer 2011 in San Diego CA! This was a last minute decision for me to attend and boy am I so happy I went! If you are obsessed with all types of blogging like me, then this is the place to be. Women bloggers of all subjects from food, couponing, DIY, humor, motherhood, politics, fashion, décor, and everything in between were all here to network , create relationships with the brands that support them, learn tips about blogging, and have some FUN!

I did all the above and will have 3 separate posts about BlogHer because there’s so much to talk about!!!

(Ivory Soap Sculpture)

My top 3 sessions I attended were:
· Bad Blogger Pitches (The other side of the PR-Blogger Relationship): This panel included experts in the PR Industry to give some Do’s and Don’ts of PR Pitches.
· Perfecting Product Reviews:There really is an art to seamlessly reviewing a brand or product while incorporating your own personality and not sounding like a commercial.
· Modern Marthas: Women who blog hearth and home and the stereotypes they smash. Here is where I found my people!! And here is where I got to meet two bloggers I actually read! Yeah! Jillian@ Catch My Party & Courtney @ French Country Cottage (It was nice to meet familiar people!)
Go here to read the virtual conference if you were unable to make it.

Personally I don’t know where my little blog is going. However, I do know I love it, I am fully engaged, and perhaps it could lead me to where I’m meant to be professionally. Being a full time mom is amazing, although not always glamorous, grossly underpaid, yet extremely rewarding. Blogging allows me to feel relevant and express creativity. Plus I am constantly inspired by all the talented women out there!

Now onto the fun stuff!

I didn’t realize how huge the expo would be at BlogHer and how many different brands would be participating. It’s great to see companies are realizing the power of female voices in social media.
Here’s a few of my favorites…

Getting a manicure at the Trop 50 lounge, with my friend Laurie from the Momccupation at the T Mobile picture booth, and me making a s’more at the Hershey’s lounge! Too fun!!!

And here’s some of the swag I came away with from all these great brands. My kids thought it was Christmas with all their stuff.

I had such a great time connecting with other bloggers, women, and moms from all over and used this time to reflect on what I want in the future as well as to relax and simply have a break.
A common thread I found with working moms, stay at home moms, home business moms, is that we all struggle to find balance between family time, profeshional time, and “me” time.
Here is my fav quote lately I found via pinterest on motherhood.

Every mom needs a break and I hope you have the support system in your life like me. Big thanks to my wonderful helpful husband and my supportive dad for help making this possible for me!

My dad sponsored me and for that I will always be greatful! His company is Ibarra Strategy Group.

P.S. Stay tuned for my next couple posts coming on me cooking risotto with a world famous chef at Blogher, attending “The Help” movie screening, and the Queen Bee handmade market in S.D.


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