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Fancy Frugal Life: August 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

$1 Bin Dr. Seuss Wall Art & READ letters

 I completed two small projects for the reading nook/play house I'm creating in our closet underneath the stairs. My kids just love it down there! Here's them on move in day :)
 I found these bags in Target's dollar bin a few months ago and decided these would be perfect for this space! We love anything Dr. Seuss around here...
 I picked up these blank canvas 8x8 squares today at Joann's for 40% off.
 All I did was cut up the bags and adhere them to the back tightly with thumb tacks.
I've seen so many of these cute reusable bags lately and they make great wall art!

 I also painted some letters to go along with it for this space.
Stay tuned to see it all come together :) Thanks so much for all your sweet comments about moving! I am loving our new space and town.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm back! We moved & I was Featured in Studios Magazine

Hi friends! I packed, moved, unpacked, and while this was all happening my article in the Fall 2012 Studios Magazine hit the news stands!!  

Hooray... I am so proud and happy my interview about my craft closet was published. How cool that a year ago I decided to start a little blog and now I wrote an article for an international magazine...
I'm so excited and I thank each and everyone of you for reading, commenting, and encouraging me along this journey! If you are interested this magazine can be found at Barnes & Noble as well as the digital version here. It's full of beautiful photos of creative work spaces. I'm so honored they asked me and my tiny closet to be in it.... And by the way even though I will no longer have a craft closet, I am busy putting together a new space!

We were sad to leave my home town of Phoenix, but I have to say we are settling in great in Fresno! The weather is not as hot and it's definitely more of a small town feel here. The neighbors have all come over to introduce themselves and are really sweet. (That has never happened before.)

We are loving our new space to call home. It has beautiful hardwood floors and something we haven't experienced much of...Grass in the front and back yard!! My kids are very happy!
It also has a great upstairs loft we just made into a play room. I spent 8 hours on Sat unpacking and organizing each and every toy, game, and book we own...Ugh...That was a big job and those toys with a zillion pieces are the worst! But it looks great and stay tuned for a tour of that room.
We arrived just in time for my son to start first grade!
He loves his new school and teacher! I'm so relieved :)
I've been crazy busy unpacking and organizing. I've also realized we have way too much stuff!! Between all the kid stuff and my love of holiday decor we still can't park in the garage :)  I hope we can soon though.
Of course the one thing that was damaged in the move was the one thing I noted to the movers that was fragile...my daughter's tea cup chandelier got all bent. I'm wondering if a lighting specialist can fix it?

This house has a cool  tiny closet under the stairs that I am turning into a reading nook/play house for the kids. They have already claimed it as theirs :)

Well back to cleaning and organizing.....Here we are literally swimming in packing paper!

Have a great week!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving to CA

If I'm MIA this week or for a while this is why. Our stuff is almost packed and we will be moving for the 3rd time out of state as a family!... And in two years we will be doing it all over again! Ha 
While we are extremely grateful for my husband's job in construction management, moving for his projects is part of our lives for now..... and I'm not the biggest fan of moving. With that said...
I am thankful for packers & movers when its 115 degrees outside!
But guess what? A different house also means new decorating opportunities! Yeah for that part!
Here's to a new beginning and adventure for us.
I can't believe we pulled this off in one month notice, and moving in the weekend before school starts! Whew!! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fabric Flower Headband & Matching Applique Tank

I get super excited if we happen to get invited to a birthday party for a little girl! Last month I made this fabric flower headband and embellished tank for a lucky birthday girl! :) These were all items I already owned, so it worked out to be a fancy & frugal gift! 

Thanks to "Thinking Out Loud" for inspiring this flower. 
I made mine from six 3 inch circles and used an Ikea kids cup for the template.

Fold a circle in half, then in half again. Do all six peddles and then sew them all along the curved edged size. Tighten up the thread and form the flower shape. Hot glue a button in the middle.

I glued a felt circle to the back of the flower and a hair clippie. She can then wear just the clip or put it in the headband.

I also made a matching applique tank top by cutting out these dress fabric shapes and ironing on Wonder Under fusible web. People ask me where I get the shapes to use for applique and I usually just search google images for shapes I need and print them out on cardstock.
I love the little flower button.

These flowers are so simple to make and super cute! I think it's a fun gift don't you?
I hope you are having a fantastic week!


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