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Fancy Frugal Life: September 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Adhesive Paper Projects: Shelves, Tray & Box Makeovers

Happy Friday Friends! Yesterday I was busy organizing the new craft space. All those small details take so much time! I'm sharing three easy quick projects I worked on with the two rolls of adhesive contact shelf paper I found at TJ Maxx for $5.99.
I lined the back of all my shelves with the paper first. All you do is measure your space and cut the paper to size.  My biggest tip for applying this is to leave the backing on and slowly take it off and smooth the bubbles down with a wall paper tool like this. 
 After I did my shelves I had some left over scraps.

 This is where it pays off to have a pile of thrift store items that need makeovers :) I love trays. 
 All I did was prime and paint the sides, and used the adhesive paper for the middle.

 Next up.... with the smaller scraps I covered two random small boxes I found in the garage.
Of course they need a chalkboard label. I just cut a few from scraps of chalkboard adhesive from Hobby Lobby.
 These turned out so great, right? I think you could also use duct tape on boxes for the same effect..
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!
Little Inspiration

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My New Craft Space Progress

So what do you do when you've created something you love, like this in your home

 and you suddenly have to move? Well first you cry...then pout...and then you get over it and create something else even more awesome! Ha well that's sorta my goal.
This past weekend we scored all this scrap wood at Lowe's for a 5$ cutting fee. This is where it pays off to have both a good negotiator husband and also one who can do carpentry :) He also says he's the fancy behind the Fancy Frugal and doesn't get enough credit. That's probably true. Thanks Dear!

Remember when I was driving down my street and spotted this on the side of the road.? I thought about turning it into a puppet theater or lemonade stand for the kids. But then we moved 

 and my husband actually thought of the idea to use it as craft storage. That's the smartest idea I've ever heard! Right? There's this nook under the stairs between our dining and living room perfect for a small work area. I also brought in these two white shelves that used to be in the garage.
 My husband made a counter from the scrap wood. He's good at this stuff and credits all the bars he made in his fraternity house basement during college! lol Thank goodness for that. :)

 He screwed wood to the top of this new organizer we picked up from Lowe's and also to the wall.
Then trimmed that out with another piece of wood.

 Then I painted it all white.

My original adhesive shelf paper from the old craft closet was purchased at TJ Maxx.
I went to every location I could think of and no one had it. 
Then when we moved to CA I found this one at our TJ Maxx.
I also painted the headboard. Don't look at all the craft stuff all over the floor. Ugh that's the next step.
So what do you think? I'm excited about my new space! I might put dowel rods and hooks in the headboard to max out storage opportunities for ribbon or wrapping paper. Or maybe pegboard? 

The 36th AVENUE

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Fancy Frugal Fall Wedding (Rustic & Vintage)

Last October my brother married his beautiful bride and they had such a fun vintage rustic wedding.
Today I'm sharing all the details that went into this Fancy Frugal Fall Wedding :)
What this wedding lacked in a decorating budget it made up for in vintage charm and love! It was fun and stylish just like the couple..
 I mean come on, don't they have the coolest engagement pics in the history of ever?!

Soda Springs Ranch near Camp Verde, AZ (about 1.5 hours north of Phoenix) was the setting for this beautiful wedding.
Soda Springs is a very historical property that dates back to 1876 with such famous guests as Clark Gable and President Roosevelt's daughter Anna. You can read about the history here.
The owners happen to be great friends of the bride's parents and hosted the family for the weekend.
It was gorgeous! (And as a native Arizonan, it was fun to visit somewhere I'd never been before in my own state.)
I just love Northern AZ by the way.. Flagstaff (NAU) is where I went to college. and I'd live there again in a second....
There is a large main lodge with bar and guestrooms, a beautiful flowing creek outside, and the grounds are amazing! Perfect for a casual, yet elegant outdoor rustic wedding!

 I was so excited to help out with the wedding decorations, I started collecting vases, mason jars, candles, ect from thrift stores way ahead of time. Some of my own stuff from my house showed up at the wedding too!

 Some of my projects I featured here on my blog along the way... like the vintage suitcase "Honeymoon Fund"we set out on the gift table. It turned out so great! I painted a crate I found at Goodwill as well as a tray "here comes the bride" sign, and a "Just Married" bunting banner from Goodwill fabric.

My hubby and I threw together this sign with some scrap wood and extra paint from our garage. 

I carved out the tops of these faux pumpkins from the craft store and placed candles in there.
I glued bamboo looking sticks to embellish this candle.
I made a little bride and groom bunting by printing out the letters on fabric and gluing them on top of burlap triangles. I then glued them onto cream colored ribbon. These were taped to the bride and groom's chair at the wedding.
I had fun making three different projects with with vintage music paper via The Graphics Fairy and Mod Podge. Go here for that post. The giant cardboard letters were from Joann's Fabrics.
Below are dollar store religious candles...transformed! 
The third project with the music paper was my love bird garland. I used it after this on my Christmas tree.

This bunting I put together was with more fabric from Goodwill. It's just triangles glued to ribbon.

The flower girl baskets were from Goodwill. I embellished with ribbon and fabric flowers....
That's my little girl on the right as one of the flower girls. My son is behind her. 
Those skirts were from Target ($10).

The ring bearer pillow was from my wedding and I added a fabric flower to the center. 
See that cute little boy "Tuf"? That's the bride's cute nephew. His mom told him that sign said "Spiderman" so he would wear it! He then asked if he could take it home and hang it in his room afterwards...Ha so cute!
The bride's Aunt Stacie made that beautiful wedding cake. It has their monogram on top and served on a large wood slice.

Here's my Goodwill chalkboard with the wedding party names.

I set up a s'more making table to go along with the outdoor vibe. It was a big hit! 
Yes I thought of Celebrate S'more :) 
 Here's how I displayed there monogram letters.
This was the bride's project and I loved it. She made this frame and had her mom bring an old typewriter for notes to the couple.

Here are my dollar store religious candles with chalkboard paint.
My mom and I had fun before the wedding setting up different little centerpieces on each table. The bride's dad cut wood slices for us to use.

Each table was different and had a combination of the craft store pumpkins, embellished candles, framed pictures of the couple. mason jars, and random goodies from my house. We also used some of the wildflowers from the property!

The rest of the pictures are from the bride's talented photographer Aunt. Visit Stephanie McBride Photography from Utah.

(My son back there makes my heart melt.) My daughter on the right was very serious about her job! 
 I want to also note that the crafty bride made her bridesmade's bouquets from Hobby Lobby faux wildflowers. They looked so real and fit in so great!

What a special and beautiful day for our family! I was honored to be apart of it :) We had a great time and danced the night away!

I'm happy to report the happy couple added to the family with their cute puppy Rusty this year!
And they currently use some of their wedding decor in their home! 

So what'd you think? Don't you love a good wedding? Thanks for stopping by and joining in the fun :)

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